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Produce Films not WAR!

When I decided to study Cinema Direction, my friends and family  was like Where is the cinema production in Lebanon?  Are you hoping to find a job in this domain after your graduation?!They are right!

But I insisted to study this major because I believe that one day we will have it! We will have creative scenarios Talented   Directors and crew as well. We respect all the Lebanese directors who did their best to produce and launch their short films and few Feature films, but we need new talented and young filmmakers, Pure Lebanese production.

Besides we need creative script writers. Let us get out of the “Cliche” Scenarios, It is cool to think outside the box. Stop stealing scenes from here and there, we don’t have to steal ideas or an entire movie to be great and get lots of money back, we don’t have to manipulate religious point of views to get the audience  watch the Lebanese Movie.

Instead of spending money in a super night club. Instead of protesting burning tires and shooting people, shoot movies.


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