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Let the SKYFALL 007

Bond is back!!!

james bond 2

SKYFALL opens with an extraordinary adventure in Turkey where Bond and Eve follow the french mercenary Practice in an attempt to recover a hard drive that contains all the details of undercover NATO agents in terrorist organization. In the process, Eve was ordered by M, head of MI6 to take a shot that unfortunately hit the Bond presumed to be killed. Hearts Fell Down SKYFALL song by Adele starts with awful and pure Bond’s scenes.

SKYFALL Directed by Sam Mendes who made a really hard work. He values story and character over anything, Bond’s action sequences are thrilling, artfully directed, and a joy to watch. He directs with finesse and nuance the powerful character-driven scenes.

That Amazing shot...

That Amazing shot…

Cinematography wise, Roger Deakins has done incredibly an outstanding job. Deakins shoots Istanbul, London, Macau, Shanghai and the Scottish Highlands in a tasteful, artistic and original manner. It is by far the most beautifull bond’s shot I have ever seen.

SKYFALL’s estimated budget is $200,000,000 but  according to The Guardian, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise has become the highest grossing film in United Kingdom history.

In spite of the fact that Daniel Craig is getting old, he is still Charming, Handsome and will be forever the 007!!!

SKYFALL is one of the amazing movies made ever!!!

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