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Cine-Jam the Film Making Workshop

Cine-Jam official logo by Samar Haddad the sun...the star...the compass and the reel..

Cine-Jam official logo by Samar Haddad
the sun…the star…the compass and the reel..

Cine-Jam is a workshop that helps and encourages Film makers/participants to follow their emotions, face them and transform them through image and sound into a film. It is created and conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss who is a Lebanese cinematographer and the first woman to work as a cinematographer in the Arab World. She won “Best cinematography” at the Arab Screen International Awards for “The shower”, short film by Michel Kamoun, and the Bayard d’Or for best cinematography at Namur Film festival for “Stray Bullet” Directed by Georges Hachem.

Muriel Abolross During the screening at Metro Al Madina

Muriel Abolross During the screening at Metro Al Madina

Cine- Jam gave birth to 12 Film makers in two workshops. the first one consisted of  4 film makers who  produced 4 films each: “Expired” directed by Farah Alameh ,”Nour” directed by Karim Ghorayeb, “Toska” by Elias Daaboul, “Oneness” by Yann Chaaraoui.

The second one consisted of 8 Filmmakers who produced 8 short films each: “Metronome” Directed by Cyril Ariss, “Torn” Directed by Mounia Akl, “Home” Directed by Remie Maksoud, “ONCE UPON A TIME…THE DINOSAUR” Directed by Inaam Attar, “3EIN EL HASOUD TIBLA BIL 3AMA” Directed by Cherine Khoury, “BLANK” Directed by Dania Bdeir, “ HOWL” Directed by Rita Haddad, “REFLECTION” Directed by Bachar Khattar.

Participants made their first screening on August 7, 2012 at Naswiya Caffe, and the second one at Metro al Madina and the last one at NDU film Festival.

The tweleve Talented Cine-Jamers

Cine- Jam Workshop is only made for those who are passionate, hungry for films and committed to their Creative mind and originality.

The main objectives of Cine-jam workshop are:

a. to  encourage young and talented artists or/and Filmmakers to be themselves

b. to give them the confidence and faith to produce their own and unique scripts and/or ideas.

c. to give birth to new Creative and talented Film Makers

There are no rules or conditions to attend the Cine-Jam workshop. If you are motivated and committed, you will be the best participant in this workshop. All you need is your Camera and laptop. Make sure you have your own editing software. The workshop will be given for one month, 12 encounters: 8 hours each.

Eight Participants are welcome to register for the upcoming workshop in August 2013.

To apply, fill the APPLICATION FORM FOR CINE-JAM and send it to email@murielaboulrouss.com

For more information about the workshop: www.murielaboulrouss.com

APPLY NOW!! Don’t Hesitate.

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