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Flight (I)

On the morning of October 14th, 2011, Whip wakes up after a booze and sex infused night. In order to make his flight at 9am, he shoots a line of coke to get him in line. What follows is 20 minutes of pure film making genius, which shows Whitakar making his way to the airport to prepare for his flight. Despite being drunk and high, Whip manages to pilot the plane through some bad weather. After falling asleep and letting his copilot (Brian Geraghty) take control, Whip wakes up just as the plane begins to go into a dive. After thoroughly freaking out the entire plane, Whip miraculously inverts the plane and lands it safely, saving most of the people on board.

Nobody could have landed that plane like I did.

Nobody could have landed that plane like I did.

Flight is a brilliant character study because throughout the movie you aren’t quite sure whether you like Washington or not. The man is a hero but he cannot stop drinking which constantly puts himself and others in danger. The director of Flight, Robert Zemeckis, successfully makes the audience care about a man that should go to prison.


Even though Washington’s character is constantly letting you down, you still find yourself rooting for him. A director that is able to accomplish that feeling within his audience is doing a great job at film making and character development.

“Flight” closed the 50th annual New York Film Festival on Sunday, October 14th, 2012.

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