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FezFilms: Achieving With ZERO Budget

I was searching for new production companies using Google, a very different and catchy name appeared, FezFilms!
I had the curiosity to know more about it, so I had the chance to get in contact with Omar Alnimer, A Palestinian filmmaker and co-founder of FezFilms, who will tell us more about his original and  new production company “FezFilms”. We will also learn about the FezFilms’ creative team.

FezFilms is an online film production company with “commercials” as its main service.

FezFilms' logo

FezFilms’ logo

FezFilms’ Birth

 Omar Alnimer came up with the idea of making his own production company after deciding that working as an employee is no longer suitable for him. He believes that the word “employee” is a modern word replaced by the word “slavery”, since we work most of our lives serving capitalists!
At first, Omar tried establishing this idea in Jordan, but unfortunately, he only received obliteration. He decided to work as a freelancer, that was good for him, because he had to learn how to produce films from A to Z, sometimes all alone! After two years, Omar decided to move to London (as he carries a British citizenship passport), but this time focusing on his research, which he started in 2005 about Human’s Supernatural Powers!  He is planning to work in parallel, in filmmaking, and his research, especially, to financially support his research, and implement the list of experiments he has in mind to prove his theories!
Omar came back to Lebanon to finish some family matters. One day, while he was sitting with Mohamad Lawand, Mohmad suggested starting  film production company. He was very serious about it and more enthusiastic than Omar, and because he knows people in Lebanon, he called Mayada Shakaroun, who is also excited about the idea, to join the team.

FezFilms’ team

Mohamad Lawand, who studied trading, owns a small business but decided to grow, so he became the founder and manager of FezFilms.

Mohammad Lawand

Mohammad Lawand

Omar Alnimer, who works as a filmmaker since 2006. He is the co-founder of Fezfilms.

Omar Alnimer

Omar Alnimer

Mayada Shakaroun, who is studying filmmaking at the Lebanese University. She is very energetic, serious, committed and excited about being a partner at FezFilms.


Mayada Shakaroun

Kinan Al Shaghouri, is a Filmmaker student who is studying in the USA. He will be managing the branch in the USA with his own team.

Kinan Al Shagour

Kinan Al Shagouri

The main company will be in London and there will be  branches in Lebanon, Jordan and United States.

FezFilms’ Origin

They decided to name the company Fez for two reasons. First, Fez was widely spread in “Bilad al Sham”, it was named after Morocco’s second largest city by Andalusian Arabs, in the 17th century. Second, They are a mix of Bilad al Sham nationalities, Mohamad & Mayada from Lebanon, Omar from Palestine, and Kinan from Syria.
The members of FezFilms started working on the upcoming commercial with no budget. The team volunteered to prepare a storyboard, shoot, and edit the upcoming commercial.


FezFilms’ Services

Their main service is to come up with creative ideas for commercials. By that they mean that they get paid for the idea itself and not for the commercial. Since they’re a film production company, they may offer to shoot the idea too.

FezFilms’ Future plans

“Our future plans are not clear yet, except for producing commercials” Omar said, “FezFilms is still in its infancy to think big, but if we were to expand, we would definitely go for producing humanitarian films, especially those with public awareness messages” he added.

FezFilms’ Aim

The aim of FezFilms is to become a worldwide leading company, producing the most creative commercial ideas.
“We don’t want to compete” said Omar, “we believe in collaboration, we are expecting support in terms of connections, sharing experience, volunteering and of course companies’ collaboration”.

FezFilms’ message

Their message to the world is that the concept of 23 Arab countries is an illusion. We are all united, this fact will be demonstrated in FezFilms!

FezFilms’ Contact Info.

If you are interested in being part of the team send your CVs to this e-mail address: FezFilms2013@gmail.com.  Follow FezFilms on Facebook, and  Twitter

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